My Rating System


I have implemented a new system of reviewing on the blog. As opposed to a five-owl scale, I am now on a ten-point scale, from one:
to ten.

In addition, as opposed to the old rating system, I will no longer be using half-numbers (for example, 4.5). Only whole numbers.

The Two-Book Rule still stands (see below).

The Two-Book Rule:

In the Two-Book Rule, if two books in a series officially suck, I can give up on said series forever. However, if only one book in a series officially sucks, I will most likely give the next one a try. (With lowered expectations, of course.)

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I typically follow the Goodreads rating system, which is as follows:

FIVE OWLS: "LOVED IT" This book was fantastic. Everything about it was so well done, and I'll be raving about it for at least a month. Don't be surprised if I recommend it to you on Goodreads or if I do another post about it on here. It was that good.
If it's part of a series, I will read the next installment immediately or else.

FOUR  OWLS: "REALLY LIKED IT" It was definitely worthy of reading. It was a very good book, but at the same time, I felt like there was just something missing. It could've been a five-star book if it was done better and I didn't feel like part of the book was missing. 
If it's part of a series, I will definitely read the next installment.

THREE OWLS: "LIKED IT" There are considerable things wrong with it, and I can identify them all on one hand. That being said, there was some quality about the book that redeemed it for me. 
If it's part of a series, I will most likely read the next one, if I think there is room for improvement.

TWO OWLS: "IT'S OK" This book, to me, was okay. I neither liked nor disliked it, which is kind of sad when it happens. There was something about it I couldn't connect with, or certain elements were poorly done, which made for a sadly average story.
If it's part of a series, I may read the next one, depending on the strength of my ambivalence.

ONE  OWL: "DIDN'T LIKE IT" (OR, IN SOME CASES, HATED IT, OR EVEN WORSE, DETESTED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT AND WISH A TERRIBLE AFTERLIFE UPON IT)  I'm sorry to say it, but there was nothing redeemable about this book. It was a complete waste of time for me. It didn't even have potential; it was just bad.
If it's part of a series, I will most likely not read the next one, because I've had enough torture.


OTHER HALF-STARS (3.5, 4.5, etc.): It is the lovechild of its surroundings.


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