HAG-SEED — Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood's retelling of Shakespeare's The Tempest, HAG-SEED, had no reason to stun me, as I have no attachment to the source material. I should have known, however, that I was in great hands: Margaret's writing stuns, from sentence to sentence, from page to page; she has crafted an engaging, beautiful read, with wonderfully imagined characters. Captivating.


HUMAN ACTS by Han Kang

han kang

Han Kang's HUMAN ACTS is brilliant and beautiful. It read quickly, pages turning as if the font were twice its size, but not easily—there is much to parse here. Kang's style breaks from tradition, but is vivid and evocative. The story, vicious and unrelenting, broke my heart. I can't wait to read THE VEGETARIAN and Kang's future offerings.


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