Stacking the Shelves: 5/19

Yes, what a surprise! I'm alive!

Before you all begin resuscitating the barely-breathing form that is me, I just wanted to let you know that I'm back for good now that the hell that is junior year is coming to a close. AP exams are over, finals are looming, and I'm at a perfect time to pick up the pace with reading. I've only read 29 books so far this year! 29! That's an all-time low for me, probably even since I've been born!

Oh well. That number is going to rise now that summer is about to strike. Here are a couple of books that I've received from gracious publishers this past week. Take a look:

The photo is a bit hazy, because my phone camera is mid-nosedive, but that's no matter. Here is a list of the books pictured above:

(from top to bottom)

thanks to St. Martin's Griffin for:
WAKE Amanda Hocking
LULLABY Amanda Hocking
MYSTIC Alyson Noel

thanks to Scholastic for:
AWAKEN Meg Cabot

thanks to Spencer Hill Press for:
PODs Michelle Pickett

thanks to my anorexic wallet for:
BLACK CITY Elizabeth Richards
THE GREAT GATSBY F. Scott Fitzgerald

ALSO, as a little shoutout to one of my purchases, if you haven't seen the new Great Gatsby movie, I highly recommend you go do so right now! Seriously. Stop whatever you're doing, grab ten dollars and head to the nearest movie theater. You won't regret the two hours and twenty three minutes you'll spend in the theater. It was a lively, magical experience, a bit of a sensory explosion that I loved every minute of!

That's all I've got this week. Let me know in the comments what you're stacking your shelves with this week! Follow if you feel like it!


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Harvee@Book Dilettante said...

I think you will like The Great Gatsby. I wonder how the movie compares...


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