Review: GLOW and SPARK by Amy Kathleen Ryan


Title: Glow
Author: Amy Kathleen Ryan
Series: Sky Chasers, #1
Pages: 307
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Rating: 5/5 Owls


If a violent battle destroyed the only world you’ve ever known, would you be brave enough to save who was left? Would love be strong enough to survive the fight? Either way, there’s no turning back… 

The Empyrean is the only home 15-year-old Waverly has ever known. As members of the first generation to be successfully conceived in deep space, she and her boyfriend Kieran will be pioneers of New Earth. Waverly knows she must marry young in order to have children who can carry on the mission, and Kieran, the handsome captain-to-be, has everything Waverly could want in a husband. But there’s a part of Waverly that wants more from life than marriage… and she is secretly intrigued by the shy, darkly brilliant Seth.

Suddenly, Waverly’s dreams are interrupted by the inconceivable – a violent betrayal by the Empyrean's sister ship, the New Horizon. In one pivotal moment, Waverly and Kieran are separated, and find themselves at the helm of dangerous missions, where every move has potentially devastating consequences, and decisions of the heart may lead to disaster. 
Pulse-pounding and addictive, Glow is the first novel in Amy Kathleen Ryan's riveting Sky Chasers series.


"We do matter. To believe that our lives are meaningful is the essence of faith. We are not as large, or as bright, or as eternal as the stars, but we carry humankind's message of love across the galaxy. We are the first. We are the world makers. Our nourishment is hope. Like the tender reed shaking in the wind, we will reach up to a new sun."
-GLOW, page 138

Glow is a gripping, claustrophobic story that didn't let me go until I closed the back cover, and even then, it didn't let me go! On the surface, the book may just look like a space adventure story, but underneath that surface, there is so much more. Within these pages, I found morals about God, life, love, trust, and many others. One thing I love about Glow is that you never know who you can trust. Everyone in the book has a dark side, and I love it!

Don't be fooled by the bright cover: Glow is a dark and mysterious venture into the galaxy, filled with action, adventure and turmoil! I highly recommend the ride.


Title: Spark
Author: Amy Kathleen Ryan
Series: Sky Chasers, #2
Pages: 309
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Rating: 5/5 Owls


Waverly and Kieran are finally reunited on the Empyrean. Kieran has led the boys safely up to this point, and now that the girls are back, their mission seems slightly less impossible: to chase down the New Horizon, and save their parents from the enemy ship. But nothing is truly as it seems…Kieran’s leadership methods have raised Seth’s hackles— and Waverly’s suspicions. Is this really her fiancé? The handsome, loving boy she was torn from just a short time before? More and more, she finds her thoughts aligned with Seth’s. But if Seth is Kieran’s Enemy No. 1, what does that make her? 

In one night, a strange explosion rocks the Empyrean—shooting them off course and delaying their pursuit of the New Horizon—and Seth is mysteriously released from the brig. Seth is the most obvious suspect for the explosion, and Waverly the most obvious suspect for releasing him. As the tension reaches a boiling point, will Seth be able to find the true culprit before Kieran locks them both away—or worse? Will Waverly follow her heart, even if it puts lives at risk? With the balance of power precarious and the clock ticking, every decision counts… every step brings them closer to a new beginning, or a sudden end...


"It is the flash which appears, the thunderbolt will follow."
-Voltaire, quoted in Part Four of Spark

Wow. And I thought Glow was good!

Spark is on a whole new level of awesome!

From the get-go, you are thrown right back into the action. You can tell Ryan is the kind of author who plans everything out before she writes her books, because everything about Spark is tightly-crafted and addicting. Spark was one of those books where I said "Just one more chapter!" and stayed up until one o'clock in the morning to finish. It was seriously that addicting!

You haven't experienced intensity until you've read the end of Spark and realized how far away the third installment in the series is. The cliffhanger is of epic, massive proportions.

Spark is chilling, thrilling, and one of my favorite titles of the year!

Stay tuned for a possible interview with the mastermind behind the Glow series, Amy Kathleen Ryan!

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