COVER REVEAL: (Redesigned) Across the Universe Trilogy by Beth Revis

I hereby present the worst cover redesign in the history of bad cover redesigns!
Seriously, Penguin Teen. The original AtU series covers were my favorites in history. I rubbed them against my face regularly. I honestly don't understand why you're marketing the series to boys, because now the girls (and me) aren't going to want to read them. Also, the boys will be turned off by the romance. I don't get your brain.
I seriously hope they release a limited edition of a cover for SoE matching the original series design. Please, Penguin?

What do you think?


Sandy from Scribing Shadows said...

I like the designs for these actually but I don't understand why the covers were changed because the ones they had before were great. These are marketed towards boys and it's great to get more boys to pick it up but the covers are misleading because there is probably more romance in these books than boys would care for. The covers will also appeal to more scifi fans but again these books are pretty light on the science fiction when you on compare them to most othet scifi books so again they are misleading.

Hayden said...

I totally agree! I feel like the old ones were perfect. The stars gave away the space aspect, and the couples hinted at romance.
I'm especially mad because they did this RIGHT BEFORE THE THIRD BOOK. They should've put the third out first and then re-released them later.

Eugine said...

I agree that these covers are plain AWFUL! They look like hardcore sci-fis from the 60s or something. Nothing wrong with that, just it just doesn't go along with the content.


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