In My Mailbox (16)

What a big load of books!
Just so you all know,
a) I'm not filthy-stinking-rich with money falling out of every crevasse in my body, and
b) These aren't all from the last week.
This is pretty much a big compilation of all the books I've gotten in the last month, so don't worry too much.
I have them organized a certain way. The ones in the stack are all bought, and the ones on the side were provided for review.

Let's get these listed:

Destiny and Deception -- Shannon Delany (Thank you to St. Martin's Griffin for that one!)
Arise -- Tara Hudson (Thanks to the author, Tara, for the contest and for personalizing it all coolly!)
Original Sin -- Lisa Desrochers (Thanks again to the author, Lisa, for the contest and for the bookmarks/personalization!)
The Hunger Games Companion -- Lois Gresh (Thanks to St. Martin's Griffin again for that one!)

Switched -- Amanda Hocking
Torn -- Amanda Hocking
Delirium -- Lauren Oliver (re-reading that one now -- it's really good!)
Pandemonium -- Lauren Oliver
Fever -- Lauren DeStefano
Fallen In Love -- Lauren Kate
Two Truths and a Lie -- Sara Shepard
Immortal Beloved -- Cate Tiernan
Darkness Falls -- Cate Tiernan
Shattered Dreams -- Ellie James
Toys -- James Patterson
The 9th Judgment -- James Patterson
Live Wire -- Harlan Coben
Lenobia's Vow -- PC Cast ( + Kristin Cast)

Thanks again to Tara Hudson, Lisa Desrochers and St. Martin's Griffin for these awesome books!


Samantha said...

Cannot wait to read Pandemonium & Fever! You have a great selection of books to choose from this week :)

Heather@The Flyleaf Review said...

Check out that awesome book pyramid! I read and reviewed Darkness Falls last week and loved it! Enjoy your books!


Alison Can Read said...

Great set! Original Sin is a fun series. I want to read the last book.

Daydreaming_Star said...

*stares at aries* *wills to self*

awhh, I can't just get it from the picture ):
Eeeee, so very jealous that you got this!!
Can't wait to hear your thoughts! :D

Hope you enjoy/enjoyed all your new reads!
Happy reading!

Here's what I got In My Mailbox this week!

Faye (:

Mel - Thedailyprophecy. said...

Wauw. Just, wauw! Great haul!


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