Why I Didn't Do a Vlog This Week

Hi, guys.

I kind of wanted to explain my bad vlogging behavior this week. I didn't do a vlog for In My Mailbox because of two reasons.
One of those two reasons is the fact that I have a bunch of homework I still haven't done.
The other is that I just realized *I absolutely hate vlogging.* Or, at least, I hate the preparation it takes. Usually on weekends I'm not in clothes I'm not dressed up and fancy-looking. I usually just chill at home and do random stuff, like homework and reading. Weekends are my time to relax. Sometimes, I don't even shower in the morning. Vlogs will be my weekend demise: to do them, I have to get all fancied up which usually takes a good half-hour out of my day.
Then, I have to get out the camera and test the angle on my piano and get all the books out I got that week and film the video three times because the first two I either stutter too much or lick my lips too much. Then, I have to plug in my camea and save the video to my computer and wait. Then I have to unplug the camera and put it back in its slipcase and convert the video using a program for conversion and wait. Then, I have to take the video into Windows Live Movie Maker and edit it and make it look like I'm not completely retarded. Then, I have to save the file onto my computer and wait. Then, I have to upload it to YouTube and wait a long while. Then I have to make the blog post.

That's what the process is like for me. It usually takes a good four hours because I want to make it good and I want to make it good quality and I want to make sure people can hear me. Basically, I have way too many concerns and it takes me a long time.
This weekend, I didn't feel like doing that. What you see is what you get.


Debbie said...
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Debbie said...

That's completely understandable; I haven't been reviewing as much as I normally do lately because of homework and coursework as well. My sister's the same way when it comes to making videos on YouTube (she's a makeup guru); it just takes too long to film, edit (usually takes her about 4 hours), etc. Don't worry about it! :)


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