Ultraviolet review -- RJ Anderson

Title: Ultraviolet
Author: RJ Anderson
Format: UK paperback (in my school library. In the US. Coincidence? I THINK NOT)

At first, the concept of ULTRAVIOLET fascinated me: a girl with synesthesia being the main character? Totally going to be an awesome book! 
However, the concept of group confinement for being crazy is WAY overdone in YA lit. It's in lots of YA books I've read, and sadly this book doesn't offer anything new or original to the concept. 
The end, or at least what I read of it, was very good. It seemed very intense. I got to page 100 and decided I'd just leave it be. I flipped to the end and read the last chapter thing or whatever. It seemed like it was an interesting book, but I'd given it 100 pages and I wasn't enthralled. 

Two Owls

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