In case you couldn't tell from the title . . .

I have created a Facebook page for this blog.

I repeat,
I have created a Facebook page for this blog.

In case you didn't comprehend the first two messages,
I have created a Facebook page for this blog.

Thank you all for following this blog and for reading my reviews and watching my vlogs! I love each and every one of you! I couldn't appreciate you guys any more. In fact, once I figure out how postage works, I am probably totally going to host a giveaway!


Have a great rest of your week, guys! I will post more reviews as I write them.

With Owls,
Hayden :)


Taneika said...

Yayyy! Giveaway! I'm holding a giveaway by using the Book Depository (because it's free shipping and whatnot), plus the books are fairly cheap :) So you could try that! I just worked out how to do online ordering though! Haha, I just ordered a book from there myself for "practice" :D
Congratulations on the success of your blog Hayden! And it's so lovely that you are so thankful for your followers!!

-Taneika @Flipping Through the Pages

Hayden said...

Thanks, Taneika! I try to make people feel like they're not just statistics. It always bothered me when people thought of it like that.
That's a great idea, ordering through The Book Depository! I didn't even think about that. You're so smart!

Taneika said...

Your welcome! It's great because you are the first blogger I've come across who doesn't just celebrate the milestones (like me, guilty as charged :S), but your always so grateful!
And thankyou :) I'd never used the Book Depository before but it's easy and plus you don't have to do the shipping yourself! I'm not comfortable using a credit card or giving out my bank details, so I like direct transfer or Paypal, you don't need a debit card for Paypal, but sometimes you need one for certain sites (I have no idea why!).

Wow, that's a long comment, sorry for babbling on a bit! :)

Hayden said...

Oh, it's all good. :)
I will celebrate milestones, of course, but I celebrate the in-betweens as well! I think I'm kind of overanalyzing this whole deal, but whatever. I'm proud of what I've accomplished. :)


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