Divergent review -- Veronica Roth

Title: Divergent
Author: Veronica Roth
Format: Hardcover ($17.99 US)

Way more than five stars. 

Divergent is the book that successfully brought me out of my reading rut. For a while, I was only reading a book every four or five days, not because I was busy but because I didn't enjoy it anymore. Divergent has successfully made that period of time a moment of the past. 
And what better book to do that than Divergent? 
The book instantly grabs you, almost from the first page. It's been compared a lot to the Hunger Games, considering it's in the same Dystopian genre and it's a similar topic in a way. Divergent is successfully engaging without the 100-page and quite frankly boring introduction of The Hunger Games. Quite frankly, before I hit the point of Katniss entering the Hunger Games, I was bored to death and contemplated putting the book down many times. 
With Divergent, there was no contemplation, no "ughhhh I'm only halfway through this thing *groans*". By page ten, I was so thoroughly immersed that there was NO WAY I was going to give up in the middle. 
I really don't want to say anymore, because you're just going to have to experience this masterpiece for yourself. It's fantastic.

Five Owls

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