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Vanish: A Firelight NovelVanish: A Firelight Novel by Sophie Jordan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Plot: 3 stars
Vanish had a very unorganized and at first uneventful plot. After it got rolling, though, there was no stopping until the finish line. There was little to no tension in the story, which made for a much less hypnotizing read than Firelight.
Characters: 4 stars
The characters are like their usual selves in Vanish, and the few new characters introduced are fleshed out to the point of where you understand them. Jacinda is a little stronger in Vanish, but not worth the extra star.
Writing: 5 stars
The writing in Vanish is as fluid and languid as in Firelight. The prose is magnificent and beautiful.
Organization: 3 stars
The plot of Vanish seemed to be a lot less organized. It reminded me of Spirit Bound in the Vampire Academy series, because its structure wasn't too coherent.

TOTAL: 3.75 stars

Vanish seemed to be on a completely different wavelength than Firelight. The setting abruptly changed, and with it, other things changed as well, for the worse.
I'd say Vanish is a good example of a case of Second Book Slump. It seemed to digress in quality from Firelight, which I thought was a fantastic series starter.
I'm looking forward to book three, but not as much as I did before Vanish.

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