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Shadowspell (Faeriewalker, #2)Shadowspell by Jenna Black

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Actual Rating: 4.5 Stars

When I read GLIMMERGLASS, I was hesitant. I was unable and tentative to put my trust into Jenna Black's hands. Would I like her writing? Would I like the worlds she created, the characters she created, the storylines she'd woven?
After finishing SHADOWSPELL, I can answer that with a big fat YES. And, no, the YES canNOT be lowercase. Not even the "E" and the "S." No. Not happenin'.
Well, I can answer that as a YES to every question but the writing one.
Ah, HELL nah!
See, even Selena Gomez agrees with me.
* * *
Shadowspell brought a new character into the game, the Erlking, and when he was first introduced, I had my doubts. He was the typical macho-guy you see everywhere. As the story went on, hidden depths of him were introduced, and at the very end, I had my doubts again. Just as a warning for those who haven't read it.
Aunt Grace goes from the loving, protective auntie figure you aunties all aspire to be to this:
Overall, I think SHADOWSPELL definitely takes a step up from GLIMMERGLASS. Even though the title didn't relate to the book like the first one did. Which upsets me. (Yes, these fragments are there for a purpose. Even though they really annoy me. Especially when authors use them nonstop because they're trying to imitate the way Americans speak. Even though I do that sometimes. Which I shouldn't be shaming. Because that would make me a hypocrite. Which I'm not. I promise [Look! A non-fragment!{Oh, wait. There's another one.}])
Shadowspell starts where Glimmerglass ended, and Ethan is at the movies with Dana (which really seems like an old-lady name to me [no offense, people named Dana]). Chaos suddenly ensues, and Dana is left trying to figure out how to reclaim her beloved. Shadowspell definitely has an enhanced coherence to its structure, unlike Glimmerglass in which events just unfolded without reason, and tension builds until it all comes falling down in the earth-shattering climax!
It definitely earns the increase in stars Glimmerglass failed to earn (the 4.5 as opposed to 3.5). I hope you agree! *pasted-on smile*

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