THE HIDDEN Review -- Jessica Verday

The Hidden (The Hollow, #3)The Hidden by Jessica Verday

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OhmaGAWWWWWD, make sure the Kleenex is handy before you read the epilogue.

The PERFECT (and I mean perfect in every single way possible) ending, the most perfect ending ever.

I regret to inform you that sadly, I won't be able to write a review for this impeccable masterpiece, because this series as a whole has delivered so much emotion to me over the past few weeks that I think a review would be superfluous, not just to me but to you. Verday is now one of my favorite authors. Know before you go into this series that you have no reason to be tentative or hesitant, because every single loose thread of the plot is resolved, and when you're finished with the whole series, you'll have a nice little quilt hanging on your wall with no unfinished threads.

Six stars? Seven stars? Eight stars? Ten? Twenty? Infinite?
No. I can't pick a good number to fit, so I'll just have to stick with five.

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